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Puppy School

Puppy School is a six week course for puppies under 20 weeks of age. The course lasts for six weeks and comes with a comprehensive training manual so that you can do work at home.                     

It is a safe and fun environment for you and your puppy to learn and socialize. At Puppy School only kind and positive methods are used to help you train your puppy to:-            

  •        Come when called from something they are doing           

  •        Sit, lie down, stand           

  •        Walk on a loose lead           

  •        Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)           

  •        'Stay'           

  •        'Settle' 'Leave’ objects when asked           

  •        Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews           

  •        Stop play biting           

  •        Be sociable with humans and other puppies           

  •        Greet people without jumping up